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Piano Lessons: Piano Teachers in Aurora, Unionville
Mary Jeanne Oliver

"I have taught piano and theory for many years in Aurora, and am accepting a limited number of students, as
time allows.  I have a MusBac. from U. of T. and an ARCT, and am a member of the
Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association."
Location: north of Aurora Side Rd. (Wellington St.) and Yonge
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Nancy Hallford

Nancy Hallford, A.R.C.T., R.M.T. is a graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Music, having obtained an ARCT
in piano.  She is active in the Ontario Registered Music Teachers of Ontario (ORMTA), to which she has
belonged since 1998.  Nancy enjoys teaching a variety of piano styles, including  pop and jazz, in addition to
classical music.  All ages and levels are welcomed in her studio. As a member of the ORMTA she offers
many activities including Recitals, auditions, and music festivals. Nancy also offers Royal Conservatory of
Music (RCM) exam preparation in both piano and beginner to advanced music rudiments.
Location: Yonge/Batson (Aurora)
Patricia March

I have recently moved to Aurora, and wish to continue teaching piano in my new home.
I have been teaching music for over 25 years, (B-Mus.,LTCL.,ARCM,) and currently teach piano, theory,
history and harmony (RCM). I teach both children and adults.
Location: St. Johns Side Rd. and Bayview
Sheila McLean

Sheila McLean is a graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Music(1989) and Wilfrid Laurier University (1984).
Sheila has been an active member of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association (ORMTA) since
joining in 2005.  Through this association, she enjoys the added benefits of recitals and competitions
for her students, and the opportunity to collaborate with other teachers. Sheila strives to instill her own love
of music in students of all ages. Currently, Sheila maintains a busy music studio, teaching all levels of
piano, and group theory classes. In an effort to expand her students' love of music and music making, she
has continued the tradition of small group classes by meeting with her students once a month, allowing
them the opportunity to perform for their peers,develop ear training,
and experience the fun of duet and trio playing.
Location: Bayview / Wellington
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Tim Snyder

I teach students ages 4 to adult. Styles taught: Classical, sacred, jazz, popular. My goal is to instill
confidence in students, so they will have a passion to make music for life. I also prepare saxophone
students for University Auditions, as well as jazz or classical saxophone. Piano students prepare for Royal
Conservatory piano examinations in my home in Aurora from Grade 1 through Grade 8 levels.
I also teach music theory: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Rudiments. I have a Bachelor of Music
(Wilfrid Laurier) and Bachelor of Education (Queen's). Online lessons are also available.
Location: Bayview and Wellington (Aurora)
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Jimmy Tao

Jimmy Tao has been teaching in Aurora for 21 years. He studied music at York University
where he honed
his skills as a piano performer, accompanist, teacher and conductor. He teaches piano,
vocal and theory at
his home studio (Tao of Music). Jimmy has served as a piano conductor and music director for 40+

musicals in community theatre. He routinely competes in sight reading competitions at the highest level
available and has always received gold or 1st place. He was nominated for Music Director of the Year at the
ACT-CO gala with his very first entry as music director. Students learn from a teacher who is still very much
involved in large productions and can use that experience to help them. Vocalists and pianists have been
hired by Jimmy to join his orchestra and musical ensemble for a number of these shows
Jimmy serves as
an audition pianist, rehearsal pianist, conductor andorchestra pianist.

Location: Bayview / Wellington Street (Aurora)
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Yuka Kobayashi

ARCT, Bachelor and Masters degree in Piano Performance at University of Toronto. Over 12 years of
teaching experience with many outstanding, successful examination and competition results. Follow RCM
curriculum and procedure. Teaching style adjusted according to the age, personality, physical and mental
availability of the student. Music is an expression delivered from the heart. Lets share yours with the world!
Location: Bayview/Wellington
Catherine Shum's Piano Studio

A vibrant piano studio established in 2004, offering piano and theory lesson to students from beginner level
to Grade 8, age 4 and up. Interactive and engaging teaching approach. Annual recital and piano parties/
performance classes are organized throughout the year. High student ranking for RCM exam.
A comprehensive music learning experience, including ear training, sight reading, composition,
music harmony/ history and more! Free assessment / trial lesson offered.
Location: St John's Sideroad / Leslie Street, Aurora