$150.00* Total

($132.74 + $17.26 HST)

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Regular Tuning

This service refers to adjusting the string tension in
order to make the piano perfectly in tune with itself, not
necessarily at standard
concert pitch. If the piano has
not been tuned in quite some time (usually 2 years or
more), it may require a
pitch raise in order to bring it
back up to concert pitch A440 and remain stable.

Approximate time: 1 to 1.5 hours
$230.00* Total

($203.54 + $26.46 HST)
$100.00 per hour*
(plus tax)
Pre-Owned & Refurbished Pianos For Sale
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View used pianos for sale by piano technicians and
private sellers in the Greater Toronto Area, across
Canada, the USA and now worldwide.

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Sell Your Piano

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Piano Accessories Online

Shop securely online for a wide selection of high quality
benches, cushions, lamps, metronomes, caster cups,
sheet music cabinets, polishing products and more.
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Examples of this service are:
- appraising the value of a piano that you are intending
to sell, insure or donate.
- appraising the value of a piano for an estate.

In order to determine an accurate assessment of the
piano's condition, all appraisals include a tuning.

After our technician tunes and gathers detailed
information on the instrument, it will be followed by a
written appraisal shortly thereafter that includes a
breakdown of its condition and current fair market value.
$282.50* Total

($250.00 + $32.50 HST)
*surcharge may apply
in certain outlying areas
*surcharge may apply
in certain outlying areas
*minimum service call:
$125.00 + tax
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Pitch Adjustment & Tune

This service is necessary if your piano hasn't been
tuned in quite some time, or if it has been subjected to
extreme swings in humidity and /or temperature. If the
pitch has drifted one quarter tone or more from
standard pitch, the string tension needs to be stabilized
gradually with consecutive tunings (on the same visit)
or the tuning will not hold.

Approximate time: 2 to 2.5 hours
- To or from the Greater Toronto Area.

Concert Pitch Piano Services has recently ceased
booking moves directly. However, we would be happy  
to refer you to our expert piano moving specialists who
we use for ourselves and for our clients.
Refinishing, Reconditioning & Restoration

Any refinishing, cabinet touch-ups, reconditioning or
complete restoration can be accommodated either by
us or by our network of expert associate piano
technicians & piano refinishers.
Call for more info.
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Any repair, regulation, voicing or replacement of piano
parts. A minimum $125.00 service charge applies. If the
repair can be done on-site in conjunction with a tuning,
$100.00 per hour applies.  
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